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Equipment for the 3rd U.S. infantryman

Pictured above are fro nt and rear views of the late war (at left) and early war/garrison uniforms of the 3rd U.S. infantryman.

The basic combat uniform:

4-button sack coat
Blue kersey trousers
Leather brogans
Ragwool socks
McDowell pattern forage cap
Cotton shirt

Basic gear:

Cartridge box with US oval plate, sling with eagle breast plate;
Waistbelt with 1851 pattern square eagle belt buckle;
1855 pattern 7-rivet bayonet scabbard
Cap box w/tapered cover
1861 Springfield musket with russet leather sling;
Bullseye canteen with grey jeancloth cover and russet leather strap;
Tarred canvas haversack

Early war/Garison uniform:

9-button frock coat w/brass scales
Dark blue trousers
Hardee hat

Additional gear:

9 x 6 canvas A tent
Tarred canvas back-pack
Dark grey wool blanket
Mess kit: deep plate w/"US" embossed, fork, knife, spoon
Toothbrush, tooth powder, comb, handkerchief
Tompion for musket
A "buffstick" or button board for polishing brass.

Every recruit should acquire a copy of Hardee's (or Casey's) Light Infantry Drill Manual.