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Join the 3rd U.S.

Join the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment and see the Civil War from a soldier's perspective.

Learn about our nation's greatest conflict while you drill and learn to handle your musket. Camp on actual battlefields of the Civil War and help educate the public about the history in their own back yards

Come out an join us for a day or a weekend. The 3rd U.S. can help outfit you until you can acquire your basic equipment and uniforms.

We will assist you in acquiring the most authentic items to accurately portray a U.S. Regular during the Civil War.

Click here to see a list of equipment each soldier must have to be an Old Guard Regular.

Annual dues: $45 Individual, $55 per family
Covers registration fees for three events.

Minimum age to join: 12 for musicians, 16 to carry a musket. Recruits under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian or parent at events.

Click here
to contact our recruiters.
(Applications for membership are subject to review and approval by Col. R. Frey, Commanding, 3rd U.S. Inf. Rgt.)



Visit these web sites to shop for quality equipment:

The Regimental Quartermaster
Uniforms, weapons, leather goods, camp gear and personal items.

Dirty Billy's Hats
Some of the best headgear around.

Dell's Leather Goods
Leather accoutrements.

S&S Sutler
A great resource for uniforms, haversack stuffers and personal items.